Attendees must be College students over the age of 18.

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HackIllinois Overall Winners (3)

HackIllinois will be selecting teams as overall winners that best represent our mission.

Information Overload

4 Google Home Minis for the best case of organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful. Presented by Google.

Head in the Clouds

4 Google Home Minis and Chromecasts for the best software that leverages Google Cloud. Presented by Google.

Hard core, Soft ware

4 Surface Book Pros for developing a tool or service that expands upon a current Microsoft technology and helps bring out its full potential. Presented by Microsoft.

Data Storage and Migration

4 Quadcopter Drones for enhancing and improving data analytics and data management tools. Presented by Rubrik.

Dream About the Dollars

1 $250 Amazon Gift Card per Team Member for developing or expanding upon a project that puts financial data into the hands of consumers. Presented by Capital One.

Building the Future of Financing

1 Apple Watch per Team Member for developing or extending a tool or technology that helps advance this future. Presented by Synchrony Financial.

Hop on the Blockchain Bandwagon (3)

Qtum Stake Boxes with various Qtum loaded. Presented by Qtum.

Go Further (2)

$1000 Gift Cards for connecting people, bringing them together, and making travel accessible to more people than ever before. Presented by Amadeus.

Walking Your Dog Food to Market

pi^pi litecoin for creating the best open source contribution with commercial viability. Presented by Fulcrum.

*Participant(s) whose Entry wins the category Walking Your Dog Food to Market will assign and transfer applicable rights to Fulcrum Global Technologies Inc. Please visit Fulcrum Global Technologies Inc. for more information regarding the prize disclaimer.

Grow Your Future

$1,000 Visa Gift Cards for using available sources of public, food and agricultural data, such as the John Deere API’s, to gather information and use Artificial Intelligence to make projections based on that information. Those recommendations could be related to weather crop conditions, machine health, or other information you cross reference. Presented by John Deere.

Making Sense out of Complicated Clinical Information (2)

Fujifilm cameras, headphones, Amazon Tap, Record Player and Drone for the best healthcare and open sourced focused projects. Presented by IMO.

Hacking Socio-technical in Our Community

Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD + $500 Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits + Opportunities to work with U of I Faculty and research teams. Presented by US Ignite.

Devpost Achievements

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HackIllinois Judges

HackIllinois Judges

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    We want attendees to work on projects that contribute back to the open source projects they are working with. A highly beneficial submission fills a gap in their project or addresses relevant documented issues.
  • Sustainability
    We are looking for projects that are well-built and organized for future contributions in the open source community. This includes proper coding style and documentation that thoroughly outlines what the group worked on and how others can add more.
  • Wizard
    Participants must have a solid understanding of the open source project that they have been working on to indicate their ability to continue working on the project or to guide others in contributing to the project.
  • "It" Factor
    There are certain hacks that just cause you to say “WOW.” It is up to the discretion of the judges to identify this intangible quality of a hack that just amazes people.

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